December is here… and it’s almost gone. I am not a x-mas fan. Yes, I have an overly decorated Christmas tree and my house is full of Christmas cheer but that’s my mom’s, my little brother’s and my sister’s doing. They love x-mas so much that they cannot help it. I haven’t wrapped the Christmas presents yet, so soon my mom or my sister will complain about it.

I have been gone through a bit of a writer’s block lately. So I have been spending some time developing some new characters for a short story. I hope I can write it soon. I haven’t forgotten about this month writing prompt. I’m working on it. I will post it as soon as possible. I cannot find the file where I framed the previous ones… Now that I think about it it may be in between my old college files.

My little brother broke my favorite (and only) mug. I’m really sad. It was the only mug that survived his childhood without a scratch. However, now it is forever gone . I had to throw it away because he broke it beyond repair. I hope I will get a brand new one for Christmas… maybe the new one will the prettier than the previous (I never liked but it was perfect for my morning tea.)

See ya soon!

August writing prompt

Hello there!


Here you have this month writing prompt. I hope this can help you to spark your imagination and help you to write. It does not matter if you are suffering or not from writer’s block. I does not matter if this prompt sparks only a few sentences in your head or a whole novel in your notebook. I’m happy knowing that some of you actually saw this post.

Remember I will really love to read whatever piece of writing from this or any of my writing prompts. Just leave a comment below with a link to your work and I will read it. =) – you can find the rest of the writing prompts clicking on the link in the menu at the top of the page -.

Please refrain from copy this prompt and claiming it as your own. I worked hard to get them done so I could gift them to all my wonderful readers.

Writer’s block remedies?

I’m back for a little bit this week since is Easter and I find that one of the groups that I’m part of is writing about my nemesis… writer’s block.

Things I do to fight writer’s block…

  • Music playlists for sure. I always write with music playing in the background. If your regular music does not help ask someone else with a different musical taste to recommend you some songs. It really helps.
  • Exercise. A good yoga class helps specially if it includes some meditation.
  • A nice relaxing shower… in which you can talk to yourself a loud. Acting out is good even if you don’t have writer’s block.
  • Writing prompts help a lot. Not only to start a new story but also to unblock it if stuck.
  • Read… Sometimes reading a nice book or story can help to unblock you… Thinking about what you characters will do in the same situation can lead you to find your muse.
  • Whach a movie or a short drama. I watch k-dramas and I have two or three stories I will love to write once I get some free time… Now that I finally got my own laptop for Christmas Yay!
  • Shopping… I always get inspired after I spend time in the office supplies shop.

If you need some writing prompts you can check my blog or pintrest. For music recommendations I’m listening to Sia and Selena Gomez and I have been writer’s block free. Even if this only includes academic writing.

I’m sure there are more tips but these are the only ones I can think of now.

Working little by little

I’m working on my FF again, little by little, step by step I’m writing again. I’m still with my writer’s block but I’ve working in some things recently and looks like now I can work by short periods without getting stuck in my own mess.
I’m working in a little FF written completely in English but I just have the first chapter done and i’m working in the forth (Yep I owe me the second and the third) and I’m writing the profile for my O.Cs (original characters). I’m also making some research for my novel and working on some details of it.

It’s feels quite nice to work again in my writer’s side. … It makes me forget that I have to study for finals. (i’m not planing on studying but the idea still stresses me)

Working on a new layout for this journal

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Yesterday was my little brother’s birthday.  He is 12 year old now (A good reminder that I’m getting old =/ I still remember the first time I saw him. He was in an incubator (also called isolette) and It was quite shocking to see him there. )

I changed my journal layout….  Feat Britney.. Thanks to my sister Gaby for the images (header and avatar) she is working in the next header because she did not like it this one.

I still having my writer’s block. A frustrating writer’s block. I’m carrying my notebook around the house trying to find some inspiration but is no avail. I cant write anything and I was working in a Christmas story (which I was planning to post it once I finish it – before x-mas-).but If I can’t finish it … Aw is frustrating

I think this entry finish here because it makes me feel worst than I was feeling before writing it.

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Writer´s block

It´s not cool when you have a lot of free time and you find yourself with a writer´s block? I love it >.<
I do not have the inspiration to write anything
I hate this state of mind I cannot write anything properly …. don´t even this entry
I was so happy believing that I could add several chapters to my FF before the end of the year… Actually, I was writing a little christmas story to publish before x-mas
Now, I can´t write my own name without doubting if I spelled it correctly >.<

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Writing again

YEP! I’m partially happy with it, I’m writing my FF again … I got an inspiration strike and I wrote a full chapter (I’m not sure if it’s the best that I had written so far but I’m happy with it) so much time under my writer’s block and the lack of inspiration (I really wanted to write- You know when your fingers move on they own accord and you feel like the tips of them are burning- but I did not have any ideas to write about)

Next week I will start classes again … I will suffer the lack of time to write, to update this journal, to live outside the university (well I lack of that anyway), to do anything … I can’t wait to start classes again =)

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I had written a little of my FF but I’m quite stuck. I don’t know why I’m so helpless with it I don’t have any inspiration to write.
I’m working on a new layout for this blog. I have already the idea and the images, now I need to blend it … which it’s the harder part of the process.

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I have just realized that I haven’t update this blog in a month. Am I so lazy?

I have an awful writer’s block so my FF is stuck =( I have a some good ideas to write couple of one-shots but I will try to write my main FF first.

I have passed all my subjects (SEyC and INA) and I have to start studying for DE and grammar but I will enjoy at least an entire week of vacation.

Well I will try to update soon but now I have the fool of my brother bugging me.

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I’m alive!

Oh God long time without updating this blog … My brother was on vacations from his work so I was not able to use or even be near the computer so I tried to live without hope…. I mean without internet for 15 days. =/

And finally, I’m partially back after passing two mid-term exams with an average grade.

Something exciting… I unblocked part of my FF so My writer’s block is half-gone.

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Writer’s block

I’m blocked…I’m really blocked. I can’t write anything and this week I have two essay assignments ( literature one and the first draft of a writing)I don’t know what I will do with them. =S
If I can’t write my homework you can imagine how must look my FF. I had stopped in the middle of a chapter just before a face to face encounter between the main characters … It’s awful I know what I want to write but I can’t write it.
This writer’s block plus my cold affect my mood. I’m mean with everyone. I have bitter remarks for all and I’m arguing with my sister all day long. In a lame try of be like always. I’m sleeping the biggest quantity of hours per day, I hide myself in the empty rooms of my house listen to music, trying to daydream and ignoring everyone. In that way I don’t show my foul mood more that necessary.

I give up I can’t write this entry properly

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Can I overcome my writer’s block?

I got stuck in my second FF (It’s not a big deal … I just can’t find the right words to express my thoughts in a good way) but for some kind of miracle I got a little bit of inspiration to write a couple of sentences in my first one … And I’m wondering Could I ever overcome my writer’s block ? Could I see the light in that hateful story that block me for so long?

I feel cheerful… more than usual.

I left you a little gift to cheer us up … just for fun

Writer’s Block

Hmmn .. I have a Writer’s Block stopping my FF (I was enjoying writing this FF Everything was interesting, and now pum! a writer’s block)
I’m so blocked that I think I’ll start a new FF ,maybe, the beginning of a new story will bring back my muse and her inspiration.
Hell… I’m so blocked that I can’t write this entry properly.

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