Writer’s block remedies?

I’m back for a little bit this week since is Easter and I find that one of the groups that I’m part of is writing about my nemesis… writer’s block.

Things I do to fight writer’s block…

  • Music playlists for sure. I always write with music playing in the background. If your regular music does not help ask someone else with a different musical taste to recommend you some songs. It really helps.
  • Exercise. A good yoga class helps specially if it includes some meditation.
  • A nice relaxing shower… in which you can talk to yourself a loud. Acting out is good even if you don’t have writer’s block.
  • Writing prompts help a lot. Not only to start a new story but also to unblock it if stuck.
  • Read… Sometimes reading a nice book or story can help to unblock you… Thinking about what you characters will do in the same situation can lead you to find your muse.
  • Whach a movie or a short drama. I watch k-dramas and I have two or three stories I will love to write once I get some free time… Now that I finally got my own laptop for Christmas Yay!
  • Shopping… I always get inspired after I spend time in the office supplies shop.

If you need some writing prompts you can check my blog or pintrest. For music recommendations I’m listening to Sia and Selena Gomez and I have been writer’s block free. Even if this only includes academic writing.

I’m sure there are more tips but these are the only ones I can think of now.

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