Who I am?
It is such an interesting question. I wish I knew who I am. I could say that I’m a normal person but that would be lying. Being normal is something as unreachable as being perfect. I am a human being. I had a not so normal upbringing. I attended a not so traditional school (wardolf-ish if I have to label it). I was someone who learned how to read when she was four and who loved geometry when she was 6. I am part of a not so normal family with parents and siblings who are constantly learning and sharing their findings. I am someone who loves arts and finds writing as the epitome of beauty. I am a writer and, from time to time, I struggle with writer’s blocks and the fear of the empty page. I’m someone who finds solace in music and regrets not to be talented enough to play an instrument. Someone who creates music with the advantages of technology (God bless computers!) but still loves classical music and the sweet sound of an orchestra. I’m someone who loves music so much that volunteers her time to be a translator in an NGO called Kpop Argentina. I’m a student of the English teaching training program at UNMDP. I’m someone who wants to learn not only to teach English but to understand that what I’ll teach is not the language but the English culture in which the language exists. I’m someone who went through a lot of trials these last years but is doing her best to overcome them and thrive from them. I am so many things that I could spend my whole life writing about it, and in the end, that would be never enough. Because I am Me.