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College advice – part 5


Here is the fifth part of this series.

Teacher aids:

  • Some classes have teacher aids. Take advantage of them and ask them anything.

  • Be aware that they are students like you and they may not know the answers to all your questions.

  • They a great nexus between students and professors, don’t be afraid to ask for help.


  • Study!

  • Save some time in your schedule to study. Your may not need all the study hours every week, use them to re-write notes, clean your study space, meditate, or get ahead on your readings.

  • Find which type of learner you are and study accordingly.

  • The pomodoro method is a great way to study. Divide your study time into 25’ sections, after each one take a 5’ break. You will be able to study for longer periods of time without getting tired.

  • Every time you finish an unit take some time to do a round-up. If you have any doubt this is the moment to ask for answers.

  • Find some classmates to form a study group. You don’t need to get together to study if you don’t want to (I don’t). Just create a network to ask questions and share notes.

College advice – part 4


The fourth part of this series is here:


  • Choose your classes wisely, double check everything and be ready for changes.

  • The registration day get to class early and try to sit in the first row… for some high demanded classes, it will be better to have some friends helping you register and get ready to get any of the timetables available.

  • Always take into account commute time. Be aware that the bus/train/subway can be delayed.

  • Avoid 8 in the morning classes, specially 8 in the morning on Monday classes. This is the high rush hour, you may not make it on time and many teachers are not forgiving.

  • Find before hand if the professor give students some minutes for delays, if not plan your day accordingly.

  • Sit in the front rows. Some professors are not willing to raise their voices.

  • In content heavy classes, try to record lessons. They are helpful for note taking and to clear doubts while studying for exams.

  • Read before classes!!! At least, scan the text and identify main ideas. Highlight what the professor mention in class.

  • Don’t force yourself to make pretty notes. It doesn’t matter if the rest of the world can’t understand them, they are yours if you understand them they are fine.

  • Find the note taking style that suits your needs. Try different note taking techniques until you find the best for you. Don’t be afraid of trying mind maps!

College advice – part 3


Here is the third part of the college advice series.

Book and copies

  • Don’t rush to buy every book you professors ask for or mention in class.

  • First, check in the students union. Sometimes they have book and copies exchange system, where the advanced students give away their old copies and you can get them for free.

  • Second, check if the professor will actually use the book, sometimes you only need to read only a few pages and it’s a waste of money to buy the whole book for the sake of a few pages.

  • If you want, get the e-book… and just print the pages you need and done.

  • If you will use a tablet or laptop, get the digital version of the material you need. You can get it in the xerox room in the student’s union.

  • Always try to get the material in the xerox room at the university. Outside the university copies usually cost much more…. sometimes even three or four times more.

  • Always carry a memory stick with you. You don’t know when a professor will ask for something new without notice.

College advice part 2


This is the second part of this multipost series.

Make up

    • If you like to use make up every day, get a 5 minutes routine. Some days you will have no more than that to put make up.

    • Get a nice pink or nude lipstick to wear when you have long classes. It will be easy to re touch later.

    • If you wear glasses, you may get away with no wearing eye make up every day. But put some lipstick anyway.

    • Get a good concealer. Panda eyes are really normal specially after an all-nighter.

    • Test all the make-up before buying, even if they are from an “important well-known brand.” I had no idea that I was allergic to a “big company” bb cream. I was lucky and smart enough to test the product before buying it. I ended up with a huge rush all over my arm. Now I’m using a really cheap foundation that does not trigger any allergic reaction.

February writing prompt

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College advice


This is the first post in a series: College advice. I tried to write these posts taking into account my college experience.  I’m not trying to lecture anybody about what they should do or not during college, this is just a guide. This is just a sort of review of everything I had learned. I hope that it can help someone during their way through college.


  • No one is going to tell you what to wear for class, however, there are some useful advice

    • Jeans and leggings are your best friends. Just throw a sweater and some boots and you will look like you have all your s**t together… even if you don’t

    • Oral exams are situations in which you need to look confident and joggers are not a choice. I can tell you for personal experience, you can get away with some bs with a confident and grown up look.

    • Jogs are for gym and staying at home. Everyone is tired and, for some, looks are not important but you will feel better if you take care of yourself. Spending 5 minutes changing your clothes will make a difference.

    • Sales are awesome but don’t get to carried away. Buy basics or things that you can use with the things you already have. If you don’t you will end up with a wardrobe full of unmatching clothes. Like me.

    • Buy some good basic jeans. You can match them with whatever top you have.

    • Black leggings and jean leggings work as good as a classic jean. Take advantage of it… a nice top some sneakers or boots and you look good.

    • College is a great time to find your style… try new things if you want to. No one will say anything… Unless you go naked.

    • Wear comfortable shoes. You may have to climb a lot of stairs and/or queue for hours. Your feet will thank you later.

I know that some of the tips may sound obvious but sometimes you need to read it from someone else to reaffirm what you already know.

!Some of the post may be more related to the country where I am living and they should not be taken into consideration if you are not living in the same country.

January writing prompt

January quiz


God! I haven’t posted a thing in the whole month. I was not just lazy or anything like that… I have no excuses but I will number some things of the uneventful really eventful month of January.

  • It’s summer here and the heat is really bothering me. I haven’t been able to properly function lately.
  • I spent two beautifully sticky weeks sick… not just sick sick, really sick. I was in bed sick. Yes, sick during summer, in a highly humid city. I HATED every minute of it.
  • I am working… on and off thing but working anyway.
  • My sickness delayed everything so I am rushing to get things done.
  • I am studying for a final. I am in the long and boring process of rereading all the material to retake notes. A time consuming task that I cannot avoid.
  • I have so many things to do that I am completely stuck.

I will post everything I missed from January TODAY… however, I will schedule it so it will be visible during the week. I will also get this month post in queue so I will not delay the posting too much. I have a series of post that I will reveal in a few weeks for all the college or soon-to-be college students out there.

Cya soon

December writing prompt


December is here… and it’s almost gone. I am not a x-mas fan. Yes, I have an overly decorated Christmas tree and my house is full of Christmas cheer but that’s my mom’s, my little brother’s and my sister’s doing. They love x-mas so much that they cannot help it. I haven’t wrapped the Christmas presents yet, so soon my mom or my sister will complain about it.

I have been gone through a bit of a writer’s block lately. So I have been spending some time developing some new characters for a short story. I hope I can write it soon. I haven’t forgotten about this month writing prompt. I’m working on it. I will post it as soon as possible. I cannot find the file where I framed the previous ones… Now that I think about it it may be in between my old college files.

My little brother broke my favorite (and only) mug. I’m really sad. It was the only mug that survived his childhood without a scratch. However, now it is forever gone . I had to throw it away because he broke it beyond repair. I hope I will get a brand new one for Christmas… maybe the new one will the prettier than the previous (I never liked but it was perfect for my morning tea.)

See ya soon!

December quiz

November writing prompt

Here is November writing prompt!!! This last months my life has been a chaos. However, it was a great experience. With its ups and downs, I enjoy every minute of it.


This is the last prompt I had in my old notebooks. From now on, I will be forced to write new writing prompts (Are you really forced if you enjoy doing it? Whatever!)

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Post or not post

I’m not sure if this post is going to leave my draft folder… but here we go.

A few days, more than a few, actually… I listened to the lucky (not so lucky) survivors of a tragedy. Leaving aside the tragedy they have to face, and all the traumatic aftermath, I felt really sick when they told the audience that they got (and probably still get) hate messages. If you know people, the whole situation is not so uncommon (too many bonkers and way too many free time in their hands.) what it was unsettling was many of the senders were actually friends and family of other victims.

I get that you are hurt. Someone you love has passed unexpectedly… but why you should threat and insult someone else? That person did not decided to live and let your loved one die in their place. I pretty sure that they is still going through their own personal hell, and they does not need you to remind them about it, every f* day. They is doing it perfectly fine without  your “help.”

As long as we keep on flaunting our college degrees to excuse any sh**y behavior like this one, and showing  that we think we can get away with this. I do not think we can avoid another tragedy. Pain is not an excuse to turn into a horrible human being. If you want to blame someone, blame the perpetrator and no the victim. We should have learned it already. No one is asking for it. No one wants to be hurt or killed. Victims are not guilty of any crime, the one who commits a crime is the criminal (the bad guy here)… the one who suffers a crime is a victim… no the other way around. We are so obsessed about excusing the “bad ones,” that anyone who opposes is blamed for it.

I think that my rant turned out to be extremely long. However, I think I needed to say something about what is happening now. I’m sick and tired of hearing people excusing monsters and blaming victims. Yes, the victim may not be as pure as a snowflake but that does not mean that they want to be (read here killed, hurt, disappeared, ect) and later blamed. We are losing focus, blinded by our prejudices. If we do not put on the breaks now, when it is still possible… well we are screw.

Will I regret this post on a later time? I won’t know until I post it. Right?


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