December is here… and it’s almost gone. I am not a x-mas fan. Yes, I have an overly decorated Christmas tree and my house is full of Christmas cheer but that’s my mom’s, my little brother’s and my sister’s doing. They love x-mas so much that they cannot help it. I haven’t wrapped the Christmas presents yet, so soon my mom or my sister will complain about it.

I have been gone through a bit of a writer’s block lately. So I have been spending some time developing some new characters for a short story. I hope I can write it soon. I haven’t forgotten about this month writing prompt. I’m working on it. I will post it as soon as possible. I cannot find the file where I framed the previous ones… Now that I think about it it may be in between my old college files.

My little brother broke my favorite (and only) mug. I’m really sad. It was the only mug that survived his childhood without a scratch. However, now it is forever gone . I had to throw it away because he broke it beyond repair. I hope I will get a brand new one for Christmas… maybe the new one will the prettier than the previous (I never liked but it was perfect for my morning tea.)

See ya soon!

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