February quiz


God! I haven’t posted a thing in the whole month. I was not just lazy or anything like that… I have no excuses but I will number some things of the uneventful really eventful month of January.

  • It’s summer here and the heat is really bothering me. I haven’t been able to properly function lately.
  • I spent two beautifully sticky weeks sick… not just sick sick, really sick. I was in bed sick. Yes, sick during summer, in a highly humid city. I HATED every minute of it.
  • I am working… on and off thing but working anyway.
  • My sickness delayed everything so I am rushing to get things done.
  • I am studying for a final. I am in the long and boring process of rereading all the material to retake notes. A time consuming task that I cannot avoid.
  • I have so many things to do that I am completely stuck.

I will post everything I missed from January TODAY… however, I will schedule it so it will be visible during the week. I will also get this month post in queue so I will not delay the posting too much. I have a series of post that I will reveal in a few weeks for all the college or soon-to-be college students out there.

Cya soon


December is here… and it’s almost gone. I am not a x-mas fan. Yes, I have an overly decorated Christmas tree and my house is full of Christmas cheer but that’s my mom’s, my little brother’s and my sister’s doing. They love x-mas so much that they cannot help it. I haven’t wrapped the Christmas presents yet, so soon my mom or my sister will complain about it.

I have been gone through a bit of a writer’s block lately. So I have been spending some time developing some new characters for a short story. I hope I can write it soon. I haven’t forgotten about this month writing prompt. I’m working on it. I will post it as soon as possible. I cannot find the file where I framed the previous ones… Now that I think about it it may be in between my old college files.

My little brother broke my favorite (and only) mug. I’m really sad. It was the only mug that survived his childhood without a scratch. However, now it is forever gone . I had to throw it away because he broke it beyond repair. I hope I will get a brand new one for Christmas… maybe the new one will the prettier than the previous (I never liked but it was perfect for my morning tea.)

See ya soon!

Post or not post

I’m not sure if this post is going to leave my draft folder… but here we go.

A few days, more than a few, actually… I listened to the lucky (not so lucky) survivors of a tragedy. Leaving aside the tragedy they have to face, and all the traumatic aftermath, I felt really sick when they told the audience that they got (and probably still get) hate messages. If you know people, the whole situation is not so uncommon (too many bonkers and way too many free time in their hands.) what it was unsettling was many of the senders were actually friends and family of other victims.

I get that you are hurt. Someone you love has passed unexpectedly… but why you should threat and insult someone else? That person did not decided to live and let your loved one die in their place. I pretty sure that they is still going through their own personal hell, and they does not need you to remind them about it, every f* day. They is doing it perfectly fine without  your “help.”

As long as we keep on flaunting our college degrees to excuse any sh**y behavior like this one, and showing  that we think we can get away with this. I do not think we can avoid another tragedy. Pain is not an excuse to turn into a horrible human being. If you want to blame someone, blame the perpetrator and no the victim. We should have learned it already. No one is asking for it. No one wants to be hurt or killed. Victims are not guilty of any crime, the one who commits a crime is the criminal (the bad guy here)… the one who suffers a crime is a victim… no the other way around. We are so obsessed about excusing the “bad ones,” that anyone who opposes is blamed for it.

I think that my rant turned out to be extremely long. However, I think I needed to say something about what is happening now. I’m sick and tired of hearing people excusing monsters and blaming victims. Yes, the victim may not be as pure as a snowflake but that does not mean that they want to be (read here killed, hurt, disappeared, ect) and later blamed. We are losing focus, blinded by our prejudices. If we do not put on the breaks now, when it is still possible… well we are screw.

Will I regret this post on a later time? I won’t know until I post it. Right?


October quiz


Classes started a few weeks ago. I’m taking phonetics II… my karmic friend (I don’t like it and I haven’t practice dictations in a while) and Integral (it is a mix between History, Literature and Writing – I’m not completely sure about this one… for now I like it =) )

The second subject is a little more complicated than the usual subjects. The instructors do not ask for any type of writing in particular. They gives us some guidelines but we are free to ignore them… in a certain way, they are asking us to “intervene” text in any creative way(this is the moment in which the word fan fictions pops in my head).

I’m certainly at odds with all of this freedom in writing. I love to write but in college, writing is so limited and constricted by instructors’ rules that any type of freedom is unsettling.

Whatever thing writing that comes from this experiment will be shared here… as soon as the classes are over. I don’t want to have any problems with plagiarism even if it is from my own work =P

So long

I haven’t written in this blog in so long.  My life turned a chaos and it was hard to keep up with everything. My brother moved out and my mother wanted to fix, clean and redecorate the whole house. At the end, we ended up doing it only in the rooms but for a long stretch of time my house was a mess.

I visited my brother’s new flat… I like it. Even if I had to spend many hours supervising the workers while they fix the plumbing.  A downtown flat, with a nice view and a great Internet connection, I’m thinking of paying my brother a long visit-  maybe one or two months long visit.

Classes started… and this deserves it own post.

June is…

June is dead…. well not dead more like finished. Yep! June ended. And classes ended too.

I can still feel the bittersweet taste of each class. I’m still looking for some answers for many questions and I definitely don’t know what some professors are looking when they correct exams. Another semester in college is gone and I’m still trying to figuring out some inner workings of it.

Some items of my to-do list

  • Working in my research.
  • I will try to publish some articles
  • I have been planning to be a teacher aid (It will be something completely new for me)
  • I need to revamp a website
  • revamp this blog is a “maybe”
  • Working in some posts for this blog…
  • Read is a must
  • Study… once I decide my plan of action for the next term (I wish I have more certainties in life.)

My b-day is next week… I may have some surprises… or not =) Who knows?

I can’t find my planner… god knows which were the things I planned for us this month!

A lot of questions and no answers

Ok… this is a kind of situation that I have never encounter before.

A few days ago, I sat for an oral exam. The girl next to me was really nervous, but that is completely normal. When the oral exam began, the professor asked the girl a question. The girl answered, a very shaky answer but I does not really matter. At of the blue the professor ask the girl to explain an example he provided (with a clear sexual implication.) The girl got even more nervous and answered the professor about the example avoiding the implication. She gave him a different context to the example making it sound sarcastic. However, the professor did not accept her answer and began questioning her further on trying to elicit  the implication he wanted to hear. The girl, who did not want to play his game,  refused to answer. But he kept on…. and the girl started crying (she was now having a panic attack.) The professor was now really pissed and (probably because another professor entered the room) he stopped his assault and change the topic. At this point the girl could not control anymore and stopped him and left the room crying uncontrollably.

I was in the room the whole time. I felt so powerless. I knew the girl was really nervous and it was hard for her to answer the professor’s questions. However, I cannot understand the professor’s obsession to make her answer with the context that he wanted. The girl’s answer was possible but he was dead set to make her talk about the sexual connotation.  What it is more, when he mentioned the same example in class, no one laughed.   At the end he made a girl had a nervous breakdown and when it was my turn to talk he never let me finish a single sentence. We ended up being affected by the whole situation and he did not got his way. Or his only goal was to make the girl cry her eyes out?

So many questions and no answers to any of them. This was more than unfortunate situation… this was…. I don’t know. … I simply don’t know.

Where are you March?

March ended, and I feel that I haven’t post at all. Yes, classes began two weeks ago and it’s hard to get used to it. In the end, the week ends to be a long sequence of the same things: the long hours sitting in the classroom, the long waits in the xerox room to get a copy of all the professors booklets, all the planning to get to class in time with the bus arriving late, the weekly planning of outfits and make up, and -the most important part- the studying sessions and all the note taking to have everything read and analyzed before class… and yoga which helps you to relax and unwind, and makes you sweat like crazy -the best part-.

I’m not really complaining (well… maybe about the bus… definitely, I’m complaining about the bus… and the stationery store that was close at 3pm and I wanted to buy a color pen.)

Sometimes life is not so boring and tedious… until you write about it and you realized that maybe it is. However, I kind of like my life right now. It has more meaning than three years ago. Even if your doctors tell you to life you life normally, follow their “advice” is pretty hard and you end up spending a lot of time until you get the hang of it. I never really have any hang on life so I’m kind of lost here, but I think I’m slowly getting use to this rodeo. I hope I don’t find out that this was a circus and not a rodeo.

Oh March…

Today is my little sister’s b-day. We have a really interesting relationship… most times we are best friends but sometimes we are the bitterest enemies. She always complains about my love for procrastination and I complain about her obsession to clean and to complain about it.

G is a great student and teacher. She is a overachiever… there is no thing she can’t learn and do (leaving cooking aside). Sometimes I wonder what I can do to be more like her and really be able to accomplish all the goals I set… I really admire that part of her personality. However, I dislike her phobia towards planning. She hates my to-do list, my goals list and all my planning. I understand that she believes that planning is just dreaming about what you can do instead of doing it… but I can’t help it.

G, I wish you a happy, happy, very happy b-day my little sister. And I hope you achieve all your barely planned dreams. You deserve them!


In the world of randomland

I’m thinking of re-vamping the site. I don’t know … it looks a little dark and pinkish. Originally, I wanted it dark because it was easy on my eyes. However, along the way, somehow, it turned out a bit more pinkish than I intended it to be. I like pink but it is not even close to my favorite color or any other color I would choose for my personal blog.

I may take a few days to think about it but I will definitely change the theme of this blog… alongside with the background and the header. I need to choose a nice theme and work on the graphics so that they fit the color palette. I love art, especially digital art, and I´m sure I will be able to come up with some good background and header that are more of my liking.

Suggestions are welcome and my comment section is open…feel free to post.

Random quiz

A random Valentine’s day quiz because …. I don’t know… I feel like it.

You Should Get a New Laptop

Let’s be honest… you’re not exactly the most romantic person in the world. And there’s nothing wrong with that.
Flowers, chocolates, and stuffed animals don’t really do it for you. Your eyes only light up for a new toy.

You are a bit of a geek, and traditional romance just isn’t a priority for you. You find somewhat unusual things romantic.
You’d prefer a laptop to an expensive piece of jewelry. At least you’d actually use the laptop!