College advice – part 5


Here is the fifth part of this series.

Teacher aids:

  • Some classes have teacher aids. Take advantage of them and ask them anything.

  • Be aware that they are students like you and they may not know the answers to all your questions.

  • They a great nexus between students and professors, don’t be afraid to ask for help.


  • Study!

  • Save some time in your schedule to study. Your may not need all the study hours every week, use them to re-write notes, clean your study space, meditate, or get ahead on your readings.

  • Find which type of learner you are and study accordingly.

  • The pomodoro method is a great way to study. Divide your study time into 25’ sections, after each one take a 5’ break. You will be able to study for longer periods of time without getting tired.

  • Every time you finish an unit take some time to do a round-up. If you have any doubt this is the moment to ask for answers.

  • Find some classmates to form a study group. You don’t need to get together to study if you don’t want to (I don’t). Just create a network to ask questions and share notes.

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