College advice – part 4


The fourth part of this series is here:


  • Choose your classes wisely, double check everything and be ready for changes.

  • The registration day get to class early and try to sit in the first row… for some high demanded classes, it will be better to have some friends helping you register and get ready to get any of the timetables available.

  • Always take into account commute time. Be aware that the bus/train/subway can be delayed.

  • Avoid 8 in the morning classes, specially 8 in the morning on Monday classes. This is the high rush hour, you may not make it on time and many teachers are not forgiving.

  • Find before hand if the professor give students some minutes for delays, if not plan your day accordingly.

  • Sit in the front rows. Some professors are not willing to raise their voices.

  • In content heavy classes, try to record lessons. They are helpful for note taking and to clear doubts while studying for exams.

  • Read before classes!!! At least, scan the text and identify main ideas. Highlight what the professor mention in class.

  • Don’t force yourself to make pretty notes. It doesn’t matter if the rest of the world can’t understand them, they are yours if you understand them they are fine.

  • Find the note taking style that suits your needs. Try different note taking techniques until you find the best for you. Don’t be afraid of trying mind maps!

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