College advice part 2


This is the second part of this multipost series.

Make up

    • If you like to use make up every day, get a 5 minutes routine. Some days you will have no more than that to put make up.

    • Get a nice pink or nude lipstick to wear when you have long classes. It will be easy to re touch later.

    • If you wear glasses, you may get away with no wearing eye make up every day. But put some lipstick anyway.

    • Get a good concealer. Panda eyes are really normal specially after an all-nighter.

    • Test all the make-up before buying, even if they are from an “important well-known brand.” I had no idea that I was allergic to a “big company” bb cream. I was lucky and smart enough to test the product before buying it. I ended up with a huge rush all over my arm. Now I’m using a really cheap foundation that does not trigger any allergic reaction.

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