God! I haven’t posted a thing in the whole month. I was not just lazy or anything like that… I have no excuses but I will number some things of the uneventful really eventful month of January.

  • It’s summer here and the heat is really bothering me. I haven’t been able to properly function lately.
  • I spent two beautifully sticky weeks sick… not just sick sick, really sick. I was in bed sick. Yes, sick during summer, in a highly humid city. I HATED every minute of it.
  • I am working… on and off thing but working anyway.
  • My sickness delayed everything so I am rushing to get things done.
  • I am studying for a final. I am in the long and boring process of rereading all the material to retake notes. A time consuming task that I cannot avoid.
  • I have so many things to do that I am completely stuck.

I will post everything I missed from January TODAY… however, I will schedule it so it will be visible during the week. I will also get this month post in queue so I will not delay the posting too much. I have a series of post that I will reveal in a few weeks for all the college or soon-to-be college students out there.

Cya soon

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