Post or not post

I’m not sure if this post is going to leave my draft folder… but here we go.

A few days, more than a few, actually… I listened to the lucky (not so lucky) survivors of a tragedy. Leaving aside the tragedy they have to face, and all the traumatic aftermath, I felt really sick when they told the audience that they got (and probably still get) hate messages. If you know people, the whole situation is not so uncommon (too many bonkers and way too many free time in their hands.) what it was unsettling was many of the senders were actually friends and family of other victims.

I get that you are hurt. Someone you love has passed unexpectedly… but why you should threat and insult someone else? That person did not decided to live and let your loved one die in their place. I pretty sure that they is still going through their own personal hell, and they does not need you to remind them about it, every f* day. They is doing it perfectly fine without  your “help.”

As long as we keep on flaunting our college degrees to excuse any sh**y behavior like this one, and showing  that we think we can get away with this. I do not think we can avoid another tragedy. Pain is not an excuse to turn into a horrible human being. If you want to blame someone, blame the perpetrator and no the victim. We should have learned it already. No one is asking for it. No one wants to be hurt or killed. Victims are not guilty of any crime, the one who commits a crime is the criminal (the bad guy here)… the one who suffers a crime is a victim… no the other way around. We are so obsessed about excusing the “bad ones,” that anyone who opposes is blamed for it.

I think that my rant turned out to be extremely long. However, I think I needed to say something about what is happening now. I’m sick and tired of hearing people excusing monsters and blaming victims. Yes, the victim may not be as pure as a snowflake but that does not mean that they want to be (read here killed, hurt, disappeared, ect) and later blamed. We are losing focus, blinded by our prejudices. If we do not put on the breaks now, when it is still possible… well we are screw.

Will I regret this post on a later time? I won’t know until I post it. Right?


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