June is…

June is dead…. well not dead more like finished. Yep! June ended. And classes ended too.

I can still feel the bittersweet taste of each class. I’m still looking for some answers for many questions and I definitely don’t know what some professors are looking when they correct exams. Another semester in college is gone and I’m still trying to figuring out some inner workings of it.

Some items of my to-do list

  • Working in my research.
  • I will try to publish some articles
  • I have been planning to be a teacher aid (It will be something completely new for me)
  • I need to revamp a website
  • revamp this blog is a “maybe”
  • Working in some posts for this blog…
  • Read is a must
  • Study… once I decide my plan of action for the next term (I wish I have more certainties in life.)

My b-day is next week… I may have some surprises… or not =) Who knows?

I can’t find my planner… god knows which were the things I planned for us this month!

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